Identifying and
Reconnecting Energetic Nodes

Understanding that we are highly energetic beings, knowing and exercising our own personal energy is vital. Therefore, Thelos offers a cycle of practices to identify and reconnect with the the Nodes of the Energy Scheme that act in our body.

Energetic Nodes

Inside and outside our biological body there are energy centers that we call "Energetic Nodes", which are integrated and interconnected energy structures that generate, concentrate, store, enhance, produce and regulate our energy. Our energy works with complex structures of different magnitudes and organic components, from subatomic structures to cellular ones, tissues, organs and systems. Through the Identification and Reconnection of Nodes, we achieve their harmonious and optimal interconnection.


We work the Energetic Nodes with specific practices designed for this purpose. The meditations are carried out through Thelos Telegram channel with the assistance of the Thelos team for Identification and Reconnection of the Energetic Nodes.

For the Activities of Identification and Reconnection of the Energetic Nodes, the practices are distributed as follows:
A. Identification of Main Energetic Nodes performing with our body:
  • Energetic Nodes 1 to 3 sessions.
  • Energetic Node 4 .
  • Energetic Node 5 .
  • Energetic Node 6 .
  • Energetic Node 7 .
  • Energetic Node 8 .
  • Energetic Node 9 .
  • Energetic Node 10 .
  • Energetic Node 11 .
  • Energetic Node 12 .
B. Reconnection of Energetic Nodes:
  • Overall Node Interconnection Practice.
  • Energetic Nodes from 1 to 12.
About the timing at practice:
  • The Identification of the Energetic Nodes from 1 to 12 takes approximately 20 days of daily practices.
  • The Overall Node Interconnection Practice takes 8 days, for a total of 28 days which in our experience is essential to complete, in order to achieve effective results.

Disruptors and
Energetic Implants Removal

After completing this process of both Identification of Main Energetic Nodes and Reconnection, in case the participant is interested, Thelos offers the option of Disruptors or Energetic Implants Removal. This dispositives of diverse nature, and purpose, might have been installed in the participant´s body or energétic fields and negatively affectting the participants iology or the Node Energetic System.

Given the importance of Disruptors and Energetic Implants Removal, this is widely explained in the following section.



  • Commitment towards these energetic practices concerning self-awareness.
  • Investment: 65 USD.

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