You can live a fulfilling life through challenging times, you just have to remember how

Our courses, workshops, activities, techniques and practices.

  • Empower yourself to realise a balanced dream life, manifesting meaningful relationships, dream occupations and personal goals.
  • Learn about your power of manifestation through the different Energetic bodies of the Human Being. Re-learn how to live a healthy life.
  • Build meaningful and harmonious connection with other beings and the environment.

Nothing as Powerful as Human Self Awareness! Why is it worth breathing consciously?

Breathing may be a simple biological process but when drawing attention to our personal energy scheme, we access our consciousness and then, we can act with a purpose.

By inhaling we start being conscious of our physical body and by exhaling and connecting with the electromagnetic heart pulse, the air is impregnated with a purpose. The purpose may have different intentions as, for example, reestablishing contact with our own biology and gaining knowledge of our self emotions, programs and body sensations.