About Us


Thelos is a community that brings together the means, space and activities, where to disclosure knowledge, tools and practices. In this sense, the Thelos telos (purpose), is to achieve recognition and self-knowledge as empowered individuals and collective, increasingly aware of our world, resonate together, co-create and manifest in response to our true nature as conscious human beings.
  • Telos (from ancient Greek) means "end or purpose". As community, Thelos devotes to reidentifying the purpose of Humans beings. Therefore, our Telos is the Human Identity: combined toghether gives place to THelos, where the purpose of our identity and real being defines us.
  • Our community is integrated by multidisciplinary professionals commited to regaining our true identity and energetic sovereignty as human beings, and more importantly given the nature of our work, with creed, religion or political ideology strict NON adherence.
  • The main purpose of Thelos, which is the true understanding of our humanity, leads us to reflect, scrupulously investigate, clarify and act in response of what we really are, without manipulation, false truths or any agenda that may disrespect or violate our most basic rights and duties towards our true nature.
  • Our true nature is characterized, among other things, by a physical and tangible manifestation of a conscious being with an extraordinary and unique power. Hence our capablility of reorienting the reality we know for our real evolution as humans, civilization, species and planet.
  • All these considerations make it possible to lay the foundations of Thelos, which includes not only external research (mainly represented by some scientific foundations, such as a branch of biology called bioenergetics or quantum physics), or bibliographic material from publications; but also internal research that together contribute attending Thelos's concerns. Under this same careful and scrupulous foundation, meditations, practices, workshops, seminars are designed, and channeling and/or guided and 1-on-1 counseling sessions are organized.


As we mentioned before, our responsibility as a Community in Thelos is to understand our humanity, which not only implies scrupulously investigating and clarifying what we really are, but also to be open to the undeniable contribution that contact with extraterrestrial cultures or civilisations can generate, based on a clear understanding and safeguarding of our own identity. For this reason, in Thelos we welcome with an open mind but under strict vigilance any exchange that does not alter our identity and sovereignty but, on the contrary, strengthens it. In this way, the channelled sessions are an enriching part that contribute to our activities, but they are a small percentage and are never the main objective.

In this sense, we can mention some experiences with Adama of Telos and Saint Germain.

  • Adama of Telos: Known as the High Mediator of the Nation, or spokesman in interactions, of the group of beings self-identified as Lyrans. His group is one of the oldest or most stable species, hailing from the constellation Lyra and possessing an energetic enclave often anchored in Mount Shasta, Cal. Traditionally these Lyrans are associated with subterranean or intraterrestrial groups and Lemuria. In our experience, they can be classified as a silicon-based biological species and possess one of the most developed social, political (sometimes warlike) and technological structures.

  • St. Germain: It is an identity active in the domain of transmutation and precipitation. Historically always linked to Hermes Trimegistus and Thoth, Thoth, θoʊθ, toʊt/; from Greek Thōout or ancient Egyptian: ḏḥwtj. Identified as The Alchemist, he has had a presence in society at different historical moments.