Primary, Systemic and
Advanced BioRecalibration Therapy

In BioRecalibration, disease is nothing more than a biological imbalance to be corrected. This is why in BioRecalibration we treat people by activating all the self-regulation mechanisms that allow the patient to self-heal, returning to the body's natural homeostasis.

The therapy is applied by the BioRecalibrator Therapist through remote sessions (except in very specific cases, personally) of 45 minutes each, in a specific number of BioRecalibration sessions established according to the therapeutic requirements of the patient.

BioRecalibration Therapeutical effects

Throughout the years appliying this therapy, we have verified that the effects of the BioRecalibration Therapy are broad and at different levels ranging, among others, from micro-levels such as the atomic level to macrostructures such as the 13 body systems, on various pathologies. and physiological recovery needs:

  • Redirects and optimizes cell response (adhesion, cell communication, morphogenesis, cell growth and differentiation);
  • Drains toxins; improves the response in each type of tissue, organs and physiological systems, allowing analgesia and inflammation reduction;
  • Improves the metabolic response (absorption, transformation and energy delivery processes in physiological systems, anabolic and catabolic metabolism, biochemical reactions and physicochemical processes);
  • Optimizes performance in: Microstructures, Organs, Subsystems, Systems and inter-system synergy;
  • Activates the mechanisms of regeneration and reconstruction at different levels of the organism, BioRecalibrating various infectious, degenerative, autoimmune processes, among others.

BioRecalibration Therapeutic Care

The interested party can request various types of therapeutic care that will depend on the situation of the person who requires the BioRecalibration service.

Types of BioRecalibration:
  • Primary BioRecalibration (Basic): consists of three terapeutic sessions of 45 min., aimed at Calibrating, Detoxifying, Recalibrating and Revitalizing the patient.
  • Systemic BioRecalibration: BioRecalibration of the assisted or patient is carried out in each of its 13 main physiological systems, organs, tissues and physiological processes according to the pathology and level of requirement.
  • Advanced BioRecalibration: This therapy consists of an advanced care scheme at different work levels and during variable time cycles that will depend on the therapeutic treatment.
B. Reconnection of Energetic Nodes:

How to request a BioRecalibration

After the Treatment has begun, communication will be maintained with the staff at all times until the BioRecalibration treatment determined for the patient is completed.

  • Investment: 65 USD.

The interested patient in BioRecalibration treatment must: Fill out the form on the "Request" button.