BioEnergetic Update

Optimize your biology to exert its full power in Self-Awareness.

Biology alongside Consciousness


The BioEnergy Update is an activity designed to support the body's biological and biochemical processes while reclaiming our sovereignty. In a few words, it consists of focusing our attention and consciously observing our biology, managing to mobilize the organism's energy, updating the set of metabolic operations; cellular processes through the complex chemical reactions that generate and use energy.


The BioEnergetic Update is structured in three phases:

- Phase 1: Approximately 15min., of channeled participants and Updaters energy ordering.

- Phase 2: Each participant accesses the BioEnergetic Update, (aprox. from 1 min. to 3 min. maximum per participant. The online participants stay connected as the next phase starts.

- Phase 3: t the end, approximately 40 min. maximum, for the closing activity y sharing in open channeled interaction with the participants.

Suggested Update Diet:

A simple, light diet is advised the day before and during the update.


Before, during and after the session, it is suggested to hydrate with a serum (1.5 liters of water with 11 drops of honey and the tip of a tablespoon of salt, lemon is optional).


The participant can be barefoot or with non-insulating footwear (rubber/plastic footwear, for example, is not recommended) and remove metals from their body or technological equipment, as well as elements such as jewelry, crystals or glasses.


Avoid environmental noise, phone calls, getting up to go to the bathroom (it is suggested to attend this issue before starting the session).


Before and after the session it is HIGHLY recommended to maintain a verbal diet, that is, to be silent before and during the session. Subsequently, it is recommended that at least 20 to 30 min. completed after the session so that the energetic information settles in the body of the participant. Gentleness with our body.


In the case of the face-to-face update, please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time. For online attendees enter the room 5 minutes before.

Pregnant participants:

There is no restriction on participation if the health status of both is optimal.

Participants with any pathology or health situation:

There is no restriction on participation if the person can attend the entire session without problems.


Each participant can make notes once the session ends. Audio recording is not recommended because the information is an energetic transmission that will not be recorded in telephone devices.



  • Self - commitment concerning the importance and meaning of carry out these energetic updates.
  • Investment: 65 USD.

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